real boxing mod apk

real boxing mod apk is an interesting and popular and exciting electronic sports boxing game
The game requires Android 2.2 or higher
The current version of the game is version 2.1.156
The game size is 52 mb
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In the game, you will turn into a true martial artist. You fight for your friend’s glory, dramatic and fiery hits. There are 30 big, muscular, strong athletes comfortable for you to choose from. All boxers have unique skills, potential for themselves, extremely beautiful, powerful and masculine skills. Match game vs son, who has strong personality, likes to fight hand to hand. The game is really a reasonable experience to mourn the stress after a hard working day. GAME GAME You will practice the skills of the boxers and masters you play to show their full power. Realistic games like the battles you watch on television, the boxing matches are extremely dramatic.

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