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simple planes apk

Simple airplane apk is a fun simulation of arcade games on Android and famous for those who love dramatic and exciting games.
Games that require Android version from 4.0.3 and above to support ios 9.0 and above can be experienced.
The latest version of the game is updated on February 14, 2019
The game has a capacity of 96 mb
The game is developed by talented developer Jundroo
This game is a comprehensive intellectual game. In the game, you will design an airplane according to your preferences, then you can use it for testing and fighting. Interestingly, right? For airplane lovers, this is a great experience. You will learn more about planes when you assemble your own aircraft. You will be creative, mischievous to design and complete an airplane. You will have effective in-game tools to help you, make your plane as perfect as possible. When you are happy with your plane, if you try it, you will fight like pilots in the blue sky. You play a strong and masculine pilot, hovering in the sky, like birds.

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