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animation throwdown mod apk

Animated apk apk throw down is a great and famous adventure genre game on Android
The latest version of the game is 1.94.0 updated at 19:41 on January 2, 2019
The game requires machines from Android 5.0 and above
apk apk animation throwdown is a card collection game for Android, combining the characters of five famous animated series, such as Family Guy and Futurama. Players will be able to collect a card collection with heroes, create a variety of combos and participate in battles, including multiple players. In fact, you can also upgrade cards and merge them. into a unified whole. A total of more than two dozen episodes, in which users can learn familiar moments from each animated series.
The game card becomes the first choice of everyone who loves adventure and exciting games. It plays an important role for every human being with the function to stimulate brain power – flexibility for himself. Rub, throwing animation is also this kind of platform, where you can perform unlimited activities.

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